Land Esusu

An investment product designed by EDGE HOMES PROPERTIES AND REAL ESTATE LTD. that allows you to generate massive return within six calendar months.

As a Company with successful track record in providing real estate services; with integrity and commitment to its core vision of becoming the most credible real estate development company in Nigeria, the LandInvest product is designed  to encourage prospective and existing clients to make profit within the period six months while their focus is shifted on other important areas.

LandInvest is categorized in three levels of investment that are linked to three of company’s estates including; Vellore Gardens, SouthWood, GraceField. Each of these estates comprises of 5 branded categories of 600sqm, 450sqm, 300sqm, 150sqm and 75sqm. This is designed to enable interested individuals with varying financial capacities to key in and make the most returns on their investments.

The properties linked to the investments are poised as collaterals for your investment; indicating that you can ‘Cash Out’ your principal and interest without default and with options to retain the property designated for the choice category of your investment.

Furthermore; you are allowed to take possession of the designated property at maturity of your investment in consideration of the current valued price of the property at the given time. This means there are two options available for your Principal plus interest at maturity stage:
Cash out principal plus your interest.
Retain the designated property at the current price value at the maturity stage.

Upon your subscription, the Company will issue a legal agreement binding you as an investor to the Company, while the investment last. Upon request, a posted-dated check will also be issued covering your principal and interest as a guaranty on your investment. You also have 30 days prior to the maturity of the investment to formally write to inform the Company regarding the two options listed above.

Your investment in Landinvest is channeled at providing the best alternative for your financial security which with confident that EDGE HOMES will not only deliver on the obligations as your partner but translate your business relationship with the company into yet another track record in ”Working The Talk”.